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Build your custom blog for your website in minutes.
Works with
And all the React frameworks!
With us you can do
Create post
you can create your posts and see exactly how it will look in your React app.
Add Members
You can add members to write posts into your blog.
List of endpoints
You will have access to the list of endpoints to build your custom blog in the simplest way.
Manage your blog
You will have a CMS to manage you blog and create your posts and invite members.
Our library
@upnread/post-renderer library will allow you to show your posts on your React website.
Each request for posts will return the body prop on the response. this is the prop that we send to our library to render the post that you want to show.
On the documentation you will find all the information to implement the endpoints and install the library.
See documentation
import React from 'react'
import PostRenderer, { getPost } from '@upnread/post-renderer'

async function fetchSinglePost() {
  const response = await getPost({
    slug: 'introducing-upnread', // post slug
    token: 'your secret token' // secret token

  return response

const App = () => {
  const [post, setPost] = React.useState({
    body: '',
    blog: { primary_color: '' }

  React.useEffect(() => {
    async function fetchPost() {
      const { data } = await fetchSinglePost()

  }, [])

  return (
    <PostRenderer primaryColor={post.blog.primary_color} post={post.body} />

export default App

Create your posts easy
Building you blog is very simple. in 3 steps you can build your dream blog.
1. Create an account
Create an account, give a name to your blog, create categories and tags to your posts and invite members.
2. Create your first post
Create your post and then give to your post category, tags, author, meta title, meta description, slug url and a lot of more things.
3. Install our library
After create your post, go to the docs and follow the steps to install the library to render your post and use all the end points.
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